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18-Sep-2017 19:24

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The Shelbyville location will continue to serve as a procurement, bulk storage and re-packaging facility."Reducing our total number of distribution centers was a key value driver behind the Bowman/Curtis integration we initiated last year.The project team's detailed examination of receiving practices helped SAQ identify gaps and areas for improvement."We identified improvements we could make on the supplier side, as well as standards to implement within work stations and how employees worked with their own teams," Theriault says. Assessing inbound operations also enabled SAQ to identify improved ways to supervise warehouse employees and manage warehouse tasks.Because of the product's fragility, it is shipped in temperature-controlled containers from November to March, and again from mid-June to mid-August.A container may house a single product from one supplier, multiple products from a single supplier, or multiple products from multiple suppliers.Management presented productivity numbers to employees and discussed using an average to evaluate receiving performance.With so many variables affecting receipt of inbound shipments, however, employees questioned the use of a single average to measure performance across all containers.

"This project was about productivity, but it was also about understanding our inbound variability and the impact that has on productivity," Theriault says.

The number of employees affected will be approximately 40. ( is a diversified international manufacturer of precision metal parts and distributor of industrial supplies, serving a wide range of markets and customers.