Codependency recovery without dating Free ebony aduilt dating sites

03-Apr-2018 14:19

People have a very difficult time letting go of this relationship, rely on it for satisfaction and happiness, and continue involvement regardless of the negative effects.Over time, it pushes individuals further away from independence and self-awareness and can ruin your relationship with yourself and others with the rise of resentment, depression, feelings of unworthiness, and in serious cases- physical harm.Problems arise even more when one of the parties involved decides they no longer want to take part, and the other person is left not knowing how to live their life without them.

: Once deeply involved in the relationship, it can be extremely hard to let go.

It affects an individual’s ability to have a healthy and mutual relationship and creates a dynamic where typically one or both persons depends on the other to take care of them emotionally, physically, financially, sexually, and other.

Codependency is often referred to as “relationship addiction” and mirrors drug addiction in many ways.

Treatment can vary, but mostly includes some form of psychotherapy and deep exploration of one’s past.

Learning to understand and come to terms with difficult childhood experiences or abusive relationships can help understand why we are codependent as adults.They focus so much time and energy on the other involved in the relationship that solitude can be a source of anxiety.

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