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(And if happens, expect two or more Japanese tourists to shout "Ahh! " and run away.) Episodes of this kind are quite likely to include a Stock Parody or Homage of King Kong: The 50-foot whatever will climb a tower, often with a Damsel in Distress in hand and airplanes buzzing like flies.

Imitators often omit the Downer Ending where King Kong falls to his death, though. If the hero wants to fight back, he may be in for a Colossus Climb, if deploying Humongous Mecha is out of the question.

In the beginning there existed the Sun (Apsu), encircled by the planet Tiamat, and the planet Mercury (Mummu).

Then, between Tiamat and Mercury, came into being the planets, Mars (Lahmu) and Venus (Lahamu).

Advances in special effects technology have kept this from becoming Discredited.

Where appropriate, the Anunnaki and their activities are correlated and compared to people and events related in the Hebrew Bible.

He was, therefore to cross over the site of the collision.

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In the epics, the planets were referred to as gods and to them were assigned the names of the gods of the Anunnaki.Moving in a clockwise direction past Neptune and Uranus, the path of Marduk took him toward the giants, Saturn and Jupiter.As he passed by Uranus, portions of Marduk were pulled off to become four satellites or winds.Now the protagonists have a huge problem to deal with.

For maximum disaster potential, the victim of the growth is usually a pet, wild animal, baby human or other character without a firmly developed sense of morality or sentience who might innocently topple the downtown skyscrapers without really meaning it.Interspersed with the proposed Anunnaki events are accepted milestones suggested by recent archaeological and paleoanthropological discoveries.