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25-Sep-2017 22:02

Five months later, in November 1981, Ronnie’s younger brother, Cecil, was visiting his wife and their newborn baby at her parents’ house. It took them more than three years to get the third Graham brother.

She was staying there because the baby was premature and needed constant attention. They had tried to kill Jimmy in 1980, but he had fought them off, and been given the British Empire Medal.

Darren Graham’s paternal grandfather was a member of the B Specials, the exclusively Protestant and notoriously sectarian part-time constabulary.

‘I got a wee bit of abuse through the ranks at under-14, under-16 and Minors (under-18),’ he told the , ‘but nothing really heavy till I hit the senior ranks.

Darren Graham is the premature baby Cecil Graham was visiting when the IRA killed him.

He is the embodiment of all the reasons why the idea of ‘two traditions’ – Catholic nationalist and Protestant Unionist – enshrined in the Belfast Agreement is a crude distortion of reality.

It is actually with a fair degree of shame that I admit knowing and, as a journalist, I should have highlighted this unacceptable behaviour a long time ago.’ Bradley did not go on to explain the silence.

Even he was reluctant to say who Darren Graham is and why people know him to be a Protestant.

A couple of games, perhaps, somebody would mention something about my father or my uncles, but it wasn’t that really.

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