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I think there's just an assumption that white guys are the ones most responsible for this race-as-preference charade and that they're the ones being desired, when that's not always the case. Still, whether intentional or a matter of course, SCRUFF and Grindr just aren't made for black guys in mind.Most apps and dating sites aren't, as this OKCupid poll made all too clear a while back. Halftime, half a perc and half a xanny nigga, halftime Half a pint, pour up an eight, my nigga halftime Tryna rob that stick turn his body in halftime (Yeahh) [Verse 1] Hit the streets and tear this bitch up like I'm Willie B No Tennessee, but the chain on my neck is a T No Memph' Bleek, bitch I own the Roc not Jay Z, ya dig? Racks on racks on racks just might pull up in my Spider All my diamonds black you can motherfuckin' knight 'em All these pussy niggas whack, I'm a murk em every night'll Pull up screamin' blat, got my motor out a Viper Got 100 million flat like my motherfuckin' idol I might eat it, I might lick it, but I swear i'll never bite 'em Every time I dress myself it go motherfuckin' viral Pussy niggas stealin' swag, bring my shit back like recycles I might ask her for some head I don't know that ho, I act like she dead Insurance on my money like a wreck Every time I see her, she lick the cleavage Fuck her on a ,000 bed I could never love her, fuck her head And suck my dick like Beavis no, Butthead Cocaine white like Justin Bieber bitch I might show the racks and tease the bitch I might want it but I don't need the bitch I been flooded out my Jesus bitch I want your pizza, Little Caesar's bitch Ninth Ward, I buy my diesel bitch I don't wanna talk or see a snitch No teacher, we chalkin' shit I pass the school, I pass by all the staffs I just want that neck like a giraffe I like fish in water, I'm a bear 17.5, I shave it like it's Nair Lay out, watch the kids like a daycare I don't play games, no I'm not the fair I got Hot Wheels like a motherfuckin' chariot Chanel Vintage, boy this shit is rare [Hook] Heyyy let's have a good time! [Verse 2] I done figured this shit out if you think you gone bite on my swag, it's a virus I don my swag and I pull up on bitches dressed in all white like Miley Cyrus No, I'm not gay, I fuck bitches on bitches, I whip out she suck on my private (Suck it!) Lil nigga play, I'ma catch him down bad and then stick ‘em fold 'em like a wallet I swear to God there's only one of me and these bitches 3 deep like a trident I’m walkin' through it like tons of the ones and these bitches grabbin', I'm at Follies Fuck nigga try me I swear to God lil whodie done pull up and pop at his noggin' Bitch I got water I look like I'm fresh from Hawaii Having the time of my motherfuckin' life I'm gonna buy everything I want, I can't think twice You can turn the icetray off baby I'm havin' ice As long as I live, wouldn't want a wife [Hook] Heyyy let's have a good time! Personally, I've made several contingency plans that all end with me dying alone.It's 2016, but discrimination—much like Christina Aguilera over a simple musical scale—is running rampant, particularly when it comes to online dating and hookup apps.

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Do with that information what you will.] It may be a problem with hookup culture in general, or as I suspect, a problem with America.*** As I've dated more than my fair share of European men—Josephine Baker ain't got nothing on me but a banana skirt—I found myself identifying with this lady writer who discusses feeling unattractive as a black woman in America until hanging out in Europe.While I'm certainly a sucker for an accent, I'm mostly attracted to European men because they don't have the same racial hang-ups as Americans (they have their own racist/ethnicist problems, but mostly with each other). It's something I'm reminded of everyday; it's in the way people view me, how they interact with me, how I see the world.The majority of guys that hit on me are white—but white boys with a penchant for chocolate are equally amazing and problematic.

In my experience, I either feel fetishized for my penis or carelessly boxed into a catalog of expectations.My first memories of what was deemed an attractive man were almost all white, I never saw that many black gay men growing up, and when I did see them they were rarely if ever posited as an object of desire.

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