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The CIA paid Levinson's family .5 million to pre-empt a revealing lawsuit, and the agency rewrote its rules restricting how analysts can work with outsiders.

But even after the White House, FBI and State Department officials learned of Levinson's CIA ties, the official story remained unchanged."He's a private citizen involved in private business in Iran," the State Department said in 2007, shortly after Levinson's disappearance."Robert Levinson went missing during a business trip to Kish Island, Iran," the White House said last month.

Russian organized crime was a niche then and Levinson made a name as one of the few investigators who understood it.

At a Justice Department organized crime conference in Santa Fe, N.

Meanwhile, the story of how the married father of seven children became part of the CIA's spy war with Iran has been cloaked in secrecy, with no public accounting for the agency's mistakes.___A 28-year veteran of the Drug Enforcement Administration and the FBI, Robert Levinson had a natural ability to cultivate informants.

Former colleagues say he was an easy conversationalist who had the patience to draw out people and win their confidence.

She attended his going-away party in Florida, met his family and harvested his knowledge of organized crime. 11 attacks, former colleagues say, she was assigned to brief Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller about terrorist threats every morning.

In retirement, Levinson worked as a private investigator, traveling the world and gathering information for corporate clients. In 2005, Jablonski moved to the Office of Transnational Issues, the CIA team that tracks threats across borders.

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By the time Levinson retired from the FBI in 1998, he and Jablonski were close friends.

That prompted a hopeful burst of diplomacy between the United States and Iran, but as time dragged on, promising leads dried up and the trail went cold. Unlike Anderson, Levinson's whereabouts and captors remain a mystery. has no new leads about Levinson's whereabouts, officials said.

Today, Iran and United States tiptoe toward warmer relations and a deal over Iran's nuclear enrichment. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani publicly says he has no information about Levinson's whereabouts.

Right away, she arranged for Levinson to speak to the money-laundering experts in the office's Illicit Finance Group.

In a sixth-floor CIA conference room, Levinson explained how to track dirty money. His contract, worth about ,000, called for him to write reports for the CIA based on his travel and his expertise.

But it also wasn't classified.___At its core, the CIA is made up of two groups: operatives and analysts. Analysts receive strands of information and weave them together, making sense of the world for Washington decision-makers. And he met with sources about Iran's nuclear program, according to people who have reviewed the materials. The CIA expected he'd provide one or two items a month from his travels.