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Although debuting as an actress on SBS drama series Medical Center in 2000, as well as being a model for major endorsement companies such as Cyon and Olay, Shin Ae mainly portrayed supporting characters on television, her biggest roles being in KBS's Summer Scent in 2003, and Empress Cheonchu in 2009.

Her popularity skyrocketed when she was cast in MBC's reality show We Got Married with Clazziquai member Alex.

After their honeymoon at the beautiful Jeju Island for 3 days, they will stay at their new home in Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul.[Park Jaegwan and Shinae started dating earlier this year and it doesn't hurt that their parents have been long family friends.

He is a a foreign graduate student from Washington and is 2 years older than her. I thought it would be early May so basically I was going crazy with happiness since there might be a chance for our romantic guy Alex and Shinae to be together T__TUpon hearing this news, I had mixed emotions... But I'm so sad because I still believe in Alshin....

Alex and Shin Ae will film their last studio segment on 4th November and their farewell episode will air probably in mid-November.

PDs claim that there will be no further changes after this.

The ominous signs were there or rather a combination of factors that were forced by circumstances.

But Hyunyoung gets to date a member of Clazziquai, who are the absolute shit, and the member who participated in “Love Me After 12 AM” with M-Flo, so it works out.It was stated that the wedding was rushed due to Shinae's father's health and as his only daughter, she wants to give filial piety to her father with her marriage.]I was counting the days in May.. and I still didn't hear any news about Shinae's wedding... He attended the wedding too, with Solbi, Kim Ah Joong & Lee Younja T___T He's always there to support her.