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) Shit, you probably think I'm in your tape deck now I'm in the back seat of your truck, with duct tape stretched out Ducked the fuck way down, waitin to straight jump out put it over your mouth, and grab you by the face, what now? Fuck that, take drugs, rape sluts Make fun of gay clubs, men who wear make-up Get aware, wake up, get a sense of humor Quit tryin to censor music, this is for your kid's amusement (The kids!

I don't do black music, I don't do white music I make fight music, for high school kids I put lives at risk when I drive like this I put wives at risk with a knife like this (AHHH!! Look - I'll burn your fuckin house down, circle around and hit the hydrant, so you can't put your burning furniture out (Oh my God! ) I'm sorry, there must be a mix-up You want me to fix up lyrics while the President gets his dick sucked?

Yes A list of all the sluts I've missed I've never fucked or sucked these sluts And thus my nuts are fucking pissed So when I fuck the lucky slut my nut removes her from the list Another dumb cum-bucket struck from my nut sucking Suck it slut, slut fucking bucket-list Sluts can be white, black, brown, pink, or almond They can be skinny with big tits or be skinny with small ones Sluts can be perky, preppy or posh With their brains and their clothes all shrunk from the wash But other sluts are pretty and funny and smart These sluts can lift all your thoughts from your dick to your heart They can talk about science, music, or art They can put you together or they can pull you apart But don't trust these sluts, don't, don't you dare They'll force you to trust them and love them and care And then they'll be gone and then you'll be aware Of that hole in your heart that that dumb slut left there So, you see, he was lashing out with sexist language because he had his heart broken. Like "chucks" as in chucking corn and "shucks" the exclamation? [Normal speed] Something for everybody My father told me recently that I act too gay on stage, and I said, "Really dad? " [Throws confetti] For those of you listening, I threw confetti, flamboyantly He said, "What about that joke where you throw confetti at the end of it?

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Minutes after receiving a message like this, Bree jumped off a balcony to her death — a devastating culmination of what a magistrate later described as a deliberate campaign of “gratuitous harrassment” perpetrated by Shearin. But just as distressingly, the messages Shearin allegedly emailed and texted these women are not unique.Foreplay helps built anticipation and sexual tension. Talk about Positions and Situations Try to describe the situation in your surroundings to build a momentum.Make your imaginations run wild and describe a situation where the both of you are about o have sex.Say “I want to go with you with the shower, and do something silly”.

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Not all phrases make things exciting, but it can help build sexual tension.

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